GDPR – Data Protection Nothing New

EBAY – Disclaimer

eBay UK take GDPR at high level, Nothing new follows eBay UK GDPR advice. Nothing New keeps user data for the recommended 30 days that eBay UK guidelines and the data is destroyed apart from a long on eBay UK. More details please visit eBay GDPR Policy please visit


Shop – Disclaimer

When you enter the shop you are recorded on our CCTV, our footage get written over every 60 days. When buying an item Nothing New will not take any personal data, unless its a delivery. That will entail name, Address and contact number. These details will be destroyed with in 15-45 days after delivery.


Website & Email – Disclaimer

Data is only sent via encryption emails. No data is stored on the website. Once Nothing New gets an email, they will contact the sender. Emails are stored for 60 day’s, after that archived for 365 days before getting auto deleted. In some cases the emails will be deleted as soon as its been read.


Facebook – Disclaimer

Same as eBay UK – Facebook taking GDPR at the highest level, all information stored on Facebook. Nothing New use it to advertise our products and answer questions, Nothing New don’t take any data off it. To see Facebook GDPR Policy please visit